Finding My Way Back: Week 1 Update


I did it, I made it through week one with out blowing it. I managed to complete two runs, 1 walk and a day of house cleaning which I think counts as a workout, right? My diet was much better too. It wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t blow it completely either. Here are some of my tips and observations that helped me:

  • I am using My Fitness Pal to track my meals and activity.
  • Protein based breakfast – Each morning I ate a breakfast full of protein. One morning I really wanted an English muffin. I went with whole grain and the protein was peanut butter. That muffin was the only grain I allowed myself that day. While I can’t be completely carb free, I am trying to minimize carbs.
  • Lunch was a Sargento Balanced Break, Yoplait Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit. The protein from the nuts and yogurt kept me satisfied. I did have a protein drink one day instead. I also tried some jerky for extra protein.
  • Dinner was harder – I had meetings/events every night of the week. I generally grabbed something light as I ran out the door. One evening at a PTA event, I ate a slice of pizza. It was so good.
  • I ran out of coke zero (my vice) and didn’t buy any more, so I have been drinking mostly water. I love coke zero, but am trying to break the habit.
  •  I have not had any alcohol. I would love a glass of wine tonight. I think I will do so if I have enough calories left!
  • My goal was to move 3 days – and I did that. This week, I will up it to 4.

It certainly could have been better, but for me it was PROGRESS. I feel as if I can put together a few good weeks, I will be back in the zone and back on track. Thanks for the emails of encouragement. I love hearing from you.


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Jennifer Alameda is a working wife and mother with a passion for fitness.

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