Fitness Challenges – Inspiring a Lifestyle Change


I think at one time or another, we have all had a hard time finding the motivation to exercise and eat right. With the start of the new year, I saw all kinds of challenges popping up all over social media. There are diet challenges, cleansing challenges, push-up challenges, squat challenges, consistent workout challenges, etc. If you can think of it, you can probably find a challenge for it. These challenges are meant to spark motivation, help with accountability and to improve the focus area of the challenge. I do love a good challenge, so I will admit to having done the squat and push-up challenges in the past.  What challenges have you tried? Did it motivate you? Did it bring about a lifestyle change that you could sustain?

This past week, I met with several of my fitness instructor friends to come up with a new fitness challenge for our mothers who are part of Baby Boot Camp. We all agreed that we wanted the challenge to be all encompassing. We wanted it to help with their overall wellness, inspiring a lifestyle change, not just a temporary one.  We came up with an 8 week healthy lifestyle challenge that addressing fitness, diet, sleep, me time, family time, accountability and much more. We created a point based system where members could earn points for activities that involved all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. While the challenge will address the common improvement areas such as eating better and exercise, it also will encourage success in other areas as well. As mothers, we all need time to pamper ourselves, we need time to encourage our families to get healthy, and we need the companionship and motivation of other mothers in our same situation. I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! These moms will earn points through exercise progressions, pop up challenges, weekly challenges, mini seminars, accountability, attending classes, setting goals, and more. I believe this type of program will not only help in the short term, but in the long term in helping these mothers create and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime.

Would this motivate you? I am so motivated for this program to start. I can’t wait to see the changes taking place over the coming months in these mothers. My mission with this blog is to inspire people to embrace a healthy life. This challenge fits right into this mission.  If you are living in the Frisco area, please check it out. It would be beneficial for any fitness level, as it is not just focusing on how many push-ups you can do! It is going to encourage you to make changes in many different aspects of your life. Please check out the link above, or email me at for more information.




Jennifer Alameda is a working wife and mother with a passion for fitness.

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